Nettle leaves can be used to make a highly nutritious liquid, useful for boosting leafy growth on plants. In spring there is plenty of nettle growth for you to use. Simply follow our step-by-step guide:


Using shears and wearing gloves, cut the top new growth of nettles. Young stems and leaves are best as they have a higher nutrient content than older growth.


Crush or tear up the nettles, then put them in a large bucket. The container is best placed in an unused corner, as the mixture will smell as it breaks down.


Fill the bucket with water until the nettles are covered, then place either a lid or secured plastic bag over it.


Leave the mixture for about four weeks to break down. In warm weather the process will speed up.


Dilute the mixture at the rate of one part feed to 10 parts water. Decant into old plastic milk cartons and store somewhere cool. Use fortnightly on all plants as a great instant tonic.