The past week, despite dropping temperatures and gale force gusts along the coast, I have braved the weather and tidied up behind the greenhouse.

What started this industrious few hours was a project for AG, stripping foliage from stems of my bamboo. Gathering the removed leaves gave me a surge in tidying up before spring slowly creeps round the corner, diverting my efforts to seed sowing and planting.

I like clearing away brambles and ivy at this time of year, they don’t grow back as quick as they do if cleared in spring.

It also allows me the time to tend to the structures they are climbing on before the busy spring season kicks in, like the wobbly fence I discovered whilst cutting back the ivy!

The mess was amazing. Three trips to the local tip, but worth it. So much space has now appeared behind my greenhouse that I’m thinking of buying some extra staging to fill the space, for plants to sit on before they take their final position in the ground.

I also made a start on my evergreen hedge, it slowly creeps forward over the herbaceous border in the spring and summer and cutting it back now keeps it in check. So back outside to tidy again for me this weekend, no matter what the weather throws at me. Perhaps one day I’ll do a winter tidy inside the house!