With the sun shining, giving me a subtle reminder that spring will soon be here, I decided last weekend to create a new border beneath my instant hedging.

Before the new hedging went in, there was a thick overgrown hedge and bark chippings on the ground. With the new beech hedge in place I have won back a rather substantial piece of soil, enough in fact, to make a new border (3x12ft/1x4m), giving me growing space for some new rhubarb crowns this spring.

After much digging, and adding old bricks to line the border, it was ready in one afternoon! All that’s left to do is add plenty of manure for the new rhubarb crowns. There are three varieties I am growing, to give me a long season of cropping. These are, ‘Timperely early’, with its bright pink stems, ‘Victoria’, which has sweet greenish stalks. This will be followed by ‘Champagne’ with glorious red stems.

Bit of a shame that it is best not to pick newly planted rhubarb crowns in their first year. Lets just see if I can stop myself!