Moving with the times.

Regular readers of Amateur Gardening will remember my article on transplanting trees (8th October 2011); well I thought you might like an update.

I am delighted to say that my summer fruiting cherry tree, ‘Summer Sun’ is doing well. The mild winter I have had so far and with transplanting it at the very beginning of the dormant season has meant that the roots have managed to repair and grow on in the moist warm soil giving the tree the means to survive the ordeal.

Buds are swelling and there appears to be no sign of infection or disease. It is still early days and it may still suffer, probably from something out of my control, but for now I am just happy that it coped with the major move.

If you relocated any deciduous trees of shrubs back in autumn, check them over now for signs of ill health. Before foliage appears stems and branches can be clearly seen and anything sinister can be dealt with swiftly. Keep the base of all plants free from weeds so they do not rob the roots of valuable moisture and nutrients – essential in the first year or so after relocation.