With the lovely early spring weather at the weekend, my nectarine (Nectarella) a cultivar suitable to grow in a pot, had a sudden urge to blossom!

It had been in the greenhouse to help protect it against peach leaf curl, but the extra heat has made it surge into life.

This presented me with a couple of urgent tasks. The first was job was to give the tree a good feed of fish, blood and bone.

Second, although the weather was warm, there were still not many pollinating insects about. So I decided to pollinate the tree myself.

This is easy to do, and early blossoming fruit trees respond well to it, setting more fruit from the blossom.

Take a small paintbrush and gently brush the pollen from one flower to the next. You can use cotton wool ear buds, but I find with these the pollen sticks to them too much.

I did put the tree outside on Sunday and it was quickly swamped with insects. They must have thought their luck was in. This should lead to a bountiful harvest. I will keep you posted.