I’m in my garden whenever I can manage it, but I have to admit that even I struggled to get out there this week. There was no snow, but the soil was rock-hard and frozen so no digging action for me!

Because of this I took advantage of my greenhouse and managed a bit of sowing, mostly chilies (with a few extra for friends) and started my first early potatoes off by chitting them. Chitting is the process of encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout young stems before planting.

I have in the past grown unchitted potatoes and found little difference, so if you do not have the right environment for growing the young shoots (they can dry out rather quickly) don’t worry.

I do not grow maincrop potatoes as I just don’t have the space in my veg patch also they are cheap to buy when in season, so the math’s for growing them does not make ‘money sense’.

I grow my potato crop in tyres.There have been issues of asbestos risks with brake pad dust contaminating tyres in very old cars, with new cars the tyres are not exposed to this. Ask your garage for your tyres back if you want to try growing in them when you have them changed.

So, after the few bits of gardening I could do this weekend, I had to stay inside to do the housework, definitely not as much fun!