Although the wind and rain has battered my garden its not all been doom and gloom. The blossom on my apple stepovers is looking beautiful, I just need a few hours of nice weather to hoe the weeds that are romping away beneath them. I feel this weekend I will be using the best tool I have to weed, my hands!

I need to catch up on my veg sowing this weekend too, but yesterday after work I sowed a salad leaf mix from Suttons to grow inside, just to keep my incentive going. Come rain or shine this Bank holiday weekend I need to get out in the garden.

Now we may think the weather is poor, but the Aphids are already out in force, spotted on Wednesday in my garden was currant blister aphid, a sap-sucking insect that infests the leaves of red, white and black currants.

Dark-red leaf distortion is the give away, and if you look closely underneath the leaves you’ll see pale small yellow aphids. Although it looks like a major problem the plants affected will still produce a crop. Using chemicals when the foliage has become distorted is too late. And you cannot spray when the plants are in flower.

I did remove the worst infected leaves, and to keep the plant healthy and full of vigour I fed it with Fish, blood and bone.