I blogged not so long ago about how my transplanted fruiting cherry tree looked liked it had survived the move. Well, last weekend, the first buds started to open, another indication that it is settling in well, but to ensure continued success I’ve had to carry out a few timely jobs this week.

My first job was to get rid of all weeds from around the base of the tree and cut encroaching grass, it is still establishing so I do not want grass growing right up to the trunk for the next couple of years, as this would reduce valuable nutrients in the soil which the tree could use.

I then examined the tree for signs of early pests and diseases, thankfully none seen. But I did notice that the stake was rubbing against a bud. I removed the stake and decided not to re-stake due to the small size and the stability of the tree.

Feeding was the next job on the list. Ideally I would like to have used fish, blood and bone, but the problem I have is that my chickens roam my small orchard so animal derived fertilisers are a no-no in this area. Instead I opted for organic seaweed fertiliser, and then covered the area around the tree with a weed suppressant membrane and mulch to protect the tree further against encroaching grass and hen pecking!

Hopefully the next time I write about my transplanted tree, it will be when I am picking the tasty cherries in July.