Every year in early spring, I try and cut down on the amount I sow, because I always end up with too many plants. I could give them away, and I do try, but I forget about them as the garden springs into life, and leave them struggling to grow in small pots. So these ‘spare’  plants tend to get shoved into a corner.

The ‘shove them into a corner’ happened in May and there they have languished. So, last weekend (I could not put the job off any longer) I decided to sort them out. Having worked in a commercial nursery, I am ashamed that I could neglect so many plants, and leave them abandoned, but is it worth saving them? A few yes but time is precious, so saving them all would result in a lot of potting up. And of course there is the question of compost-which is also expensive, plus there is little space left in the garden to accommodate them. My compost heap heap has now doubled in size!