This weekend, in my spare time (never seems a lot)! I concentrated on my greenhouse. I always do an autumn clean up but find I am more thorough doing it in January.

I think it’s because the next growing season is looming and I always want to start off organised. Something usually happens to change that, but every year I start with a clean slate.

Apart from much chucking out of cracked plastic pots, seed trays and random packets of seed, which should not have been left in the greenhouse, I have removed a large layer of soil from the border inside.

When I had the greenhouse installed I was adamant that I had a soil border inside so plants that enjoy a warm growing period had the space for their roots to grow, without the clutter of pots and grow bags.

The soil however is now low in nutrients and probably full of pests.

So a few bags of well-rotted manure and soil conditioner is replacing the top layer to bring the nutrient level up and help moisture to be retained over the summer months.

The old soil has not been wasted. I have put it on the compost heap to help with the rotting down process of food and plant matter.

My greenhouse is now ready for the growing season, I need to just get myself ready and the growing season can commence!