I’ve fallen into that classic gardener’s trap! I’ve let a fairly mild regional winter lull me into a false sense of security – I’ve sown everything early in expectation of a warm spring and my greenhouse is now bulging with seedlings yearning to be planted out in the garden. I now fear I may lose my grip, thanks to the battering my coastal garden is taking with all the recent wind and rain.


This cold, wet weather is delaying the movement of plants from the greenhouse out into the garden. Seedlings are already desperate for more nutrients than the compost they were sown in can provide. This has lead to the extra step of potting on, rather than planting out, meaning more money has had to be spent on compost, more greenhouse space is being taken up with the larger pots and more time has been spent on the plants than I had planned. But with cold rain lashing at my garden I have no choice at the moment

I did manage to plant out some hardy salad crops into containers and some very poor looking cornflowers, which will perk up once established in the ground.

All I can do is hope that the weather improves before my greenhouse bulges with young plants.