We all know that we need to take care of our tools. We cannot garden without them. My Felcos were really in need of some attention this weekend.

No murders here – simply a saucy way to clean my blades

A lecturer at Sparsholt College once told me that tomato ketchup works wonders with dirty cutting blades, and he was right!

They do smell for a while, but for an organic way to clean, it doesn’t do a bad job. Squirt the tomato ketchup onto the secateurs and then lightly rub down and leave over night.

The next day, rub the sauce off and– surprise – clean blades. But if you are on a New Year diet beware – the aroma of ketchup will soon have you yearning for a bacon sandwich!!

A drop of oil for silent running

So with some bike oil (Green Oil), which is biodegradable and eco-friendly, I gave my well-used wheelbarrow some tender loving care, oiling the wheel axle for silent operation.

I May sharpen my spade next weekend. Stranger things have happened!