Garden writer Michelle Wheeler shows you how to take cuttings of this firm favourite.

Step one: Fill small pots in advance with a cutting compost mixed with perlite to aid drainage. Firm down and make a small hole in each pot with a dibber or pencil.

Step two: Use a clean sharp knife to carefully cut below a node as close to the base of the plant as you can. Cutting size should be around 4in (10cm) in length.

Step three: Carefully remove lower leaves, retaining two or three higher up. Pinch out the soft growing tip at the top of the cutting between the two top leaves.

Step four: Dip the bottom end of the stem into rooting compound  (widely available at garden centres) which can be bought in both liquid and powder form.

Step five: Place the plant material gently into the pre-dibbed holes, firm around the stems carefully. Water sparingly with a fine rose watering can.

Step six: Place in a propagator or put a clear plastic bag over the cuttings and keep at a temperature of approx 20°C (68°F). Mist leaves with a fine spray.