AG’s gardening editor, Kris Collins, show how to make a bespoke trellis design rather than pay for bog-standard ready made models


1) Cut wood to size. You need 5 x 6ft (180cm) lengths and 4 x 58in (140cm) lengths for the verticals and three horizontals at 13in (32cm), 21in (51cm) and 34in (85cm). If you buy a saw for the project opt for a fine-toothed tenon saw (around £9) for the best finish.

2) Fan out the five long lengths so they touch at the base and inset the four shorter lengths between them at the wide end. Lay horizontals; shortest 6in (15cm) from the bottom, the longest 6in (15cm) from the top, and the mid-length around half way.

3) To create pilot holes at all fixing points, use a drill bit slightly thinner than the shank of the 1 in screws you use. This will prevent the wood from splitting when the screws are put in place, and will make the job less of a strain on wrists and/or hands.

4) Brush away sawdust and secure all parts together using screws and screwdriver. The angle of the verticals means ends are uneven. Once fixed together, mark a straight line across the bottom and tops of the verticals and saw away offcuts for a neat finish.

5) To prolong the life of your trellis fan give it a coat or two of paint or wood stain. I’ve opted for a rich mahogany wood stain. When applying, it is a good idea to work from bottom to top as this helps to avoid the stain from running down the wood.