Never taken cuttings? Gain confidence with these easy candidates, says AG garden writer Michelle Wheeler

The part of gardening I enjoy the most is propagating plants. If you have never taken cuttings before, fuchsias are ideal plants to start out with as they have a high success rate of rooting.

The trick is to get everything ready before you start. So soak some jiffy pellets, then get out in the garden and collect your plant material. Follow the simple steps here:

1) One tip cutting and several soft wood cuttings can be taken from one stem. Remove a non flowering stem from the plant using a clean sharp knife or secateurs. Pinch out the growing tip.

2) Soak jiffy pellets ands set aside while they expand to form a plug. Cut the stem into 2in (5cm) sections with a leaf set at both top and bottom. Remove the lower leaf set to leave a short piece of stem with a pair of leaves.

3) insert cuttings into soaked jiffy plugs (you can dip the stems in rooting hormone powder first , but not essential). Set in a propagator and place in bright indirect sunlight. Keep moist until rooted. Pot up when roots push through the sides of the plugs.