AG gardening editor, Kris Collins, shows how easy it can be to lay paving slabs in the lawn

Step1) Dig out the area to be paved to allow 4in (10cm) of sub-base, 1in (2.5cm) of slab fix mortar, the slabs and an extra ½in (1cm) so that the slabs  sit below the grass level.

Step2) Spread out 4in (10cm) of sub base. Use the back of a rake to level, then tread over the area to compact. Add sand to fill gaps and create a smooth level to  apply the slab fix.

Step3) Specialist mortar bases such as Slabfix need no mixing and can be laid dry. In time it will harden and grip the slabs. Spread a level 1in (2.5cm) layer with the back of a rake.

Step4) Start laying slabs from the lawn-side with the first slabs butted up tightly to the turf – it’s better to fill gaps between the slabs with mortar, than the gap by the grass.

Step5) Use a spirit level to check all is straight and true. On larger areas it is worth angling the surface to help rain run off. Use a rubber mallet to firm in and  tap down raised points.

Step6) To reduce mess and workload, use a dry mix such as Pave Fix Plus to fill gaps. Use a brush to push the mix into the joints. Sweep slabs to prevent the mix  setting  on them.