Impress your Christmas guests with this snazzy, easy-to-make festive container

For a cool, sophisticated look choose white and silver plants and embellish them with silver decorations and bright lights. This display will look classy for many months and the cineraria can be planted in the garden once the other plants are over. The calocephalus will do best in a sheltered garden so use one of our alternatives if you live in a very cold spot.

To make Christmas containers you’ll need:

2 x cineraria

2 x white cyclamen

1 x calecephalus

1 x silver leaf decoration

1 x string of silver beads

1 x set of white LED battery lights

Set your plants in the container and decorate.

Can’t find these plants?

Then try others in the white and silver palette such as: winter-flowering pansies, lavender, helichrysum and astelia.