As winter performers finish and before summer performers put on growth, it’s time to get shrubs back in shape. Here is a list of common garden shrubs that should be tackled now:

Winter and early spring shrubs to prune now:

Calluna Garrya
Cornus Kerria
Corylopsis Olearia
Daboecia Osmanthus
Erica Salix
Forsythia Viburnum

Other shrubs to prune now:

Abelia Hypericum
Aucuba Phlomis
Choisya Photina
Euonymus japonica Potentilla
Fatsia Pyrancantha
Griselinia Symphoricarpos
Hibiscus (being pruned in main pic) Brachyglottis

Last chance to prune:

Buddleja Santolina
Hardy fuchsia Spirea