Garden writer Michelle Wheeler, and garden editor Kris Collins shows you how to plant up a spring hanging basket.

Plants used:

3x rosebud primroses, 3x small ivy, 1x lacy fern.

Step one: If baskets have been stored or used over winter, clean them out and replace liners – use cable ties to secure the lining firmly against the basket.

Step two: Mix a teaspoon of water retaining crystals with the required amount of multipurpose compost to help retain moisture in the hanging basket.

Step three: Place the basket on a large pot to keep it steady. Half fill with compost and set the plants – the rootballs should sit an inch or so below the basket rim.

Step four: Remove plants from their pots and set them in the display. Add compost between the rootballs and firm down to settle things in place.

Step five: Hang the basket in place and water in. Watering after hanging means the basket won’t be so heavy when you carry it to its final position.