Bulb markers

Bulb markers in tulip and daisy designs

There can be few things more annoying than digging down in preparation for planting a summer-flowering bulb, only to unearth one that you planted earlier.  One solution is to create detailed maps of your beds, plotting the exact position of this buried treasure; another is to invest in some bulb markers.

These galvanised zinc spikes from Burgon & Ball  will take the guesswork out of planting and the floral designs look good too. They can be written on in permanent marker pen – useful if you want to know what you’ve planted as well as where – and once the real thing starts to come through you can remove them, ready to be reused.

* Set of four bulb markers in either daisy or tulip designs, £7.95 (plus £4.95 delivery) Tel. 0114 233 8262 for stockists.

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