Best buy 20/20

The Gardman coir and wire boot scraper is perfect for any size boot

Gardman Coir and Wire Boot Scraper

£ 10.99

For stockists: Tel 01406 37222

Build 5

Robust, naturally coloured bristles on a galvanised wire frame.

Features 5

Mat-like design with central ridge and frame, plus spaced, short coir bristles to clean undersides and edges of both boots in one go. When not in use it can be propped upright next to the door to make space.

Performance 5

Very easy to use – simply wipe both feet in the traditional manner. The width was perfect for any size boot and turning the sides in to the bristle ridges ensured a proper clean-up. Spacing between the wires meant the dirt fell through onto the ground, and I could bash it against the wall to shake off any mud after use.

Value 5

Good-looking and effective, this scraper would suit all tastes and budgets.

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