Product review: large forks

Consumer editor Julia Heaton gets straight to the point of six large digging forks

Best buy


The E-Series Digging Fork made the job easier

E-Series Digging Fork £27.95,

Spear & Jackson

Tel. (0114) 281 4242

Build 4

Mirror polished stainless steel. The grip is plastic, apart from a comfort crosspiece. Alongside the insulated fork it is the heaviest of all six and equal second longest in length standing 42in (106cm) tall.

Features 5

Ingenious design that has an extra wide stirrupped foot tread and soft grip sheath towards the bottom of the shaft. The tines and forward cranked grip are the widest of all six forks.

Performance 4

The grip, shaft and footplate seemed to ergonomically synchronise during use. And the stirrupped footplate meant foot pressure could be brought down directly over the centre tines, helping to avoid foot slippage and making digging easier.

Value 5

May look like a gimmick but actually works. Well worth the money – its only potential downfall is its heavy build.

Other forks on test were:

Contractors insulated trench fork £114.52 18/20 Bulldog Tel. (01279) 401572
Expert stainless steel soft grip 19658 £21.99 17/20 Draper Tel. (023) 80494333
Stainless steel fork £29.99 17/20 Wilkinson Sword
Tel. 0845 894 1599
Alan Tichmarsh solid forged £44.99 16/20 Bulldog Tel.  (01279) 401572
RHS endorsed digging fork £39.99 15/20 Burgon & Ball Tel. (0114) 233 8262