Consumer editor Julia Heaton hand picks gloves to see which is the most thornproof

Best Buy 18/20

Best buy gloves

Tough Touch £26.95 (£2 p&p) Harrod Horticultural,

Tel. 0845 218 5301

Build: 4

Hand is gold grain leather and the hide cuff has a suede feel. Available in both ladies and gents sizes.

Features: 5

The leather has been treated for more water resistance and the cuff is a generous size to offer comfortable all- round wrist protection.

Performance: 5

Suppliers performance claim: “High level of protection.” Thorns seemed to bounce off these beautifully crafted gardening gloves making pruning roses and dealing with brambles a walk in the park. The extended cuff offered plenty of protection too. However, over time the palm and finger surface tended to scuff-up a fair bit and during hot days the yellow dye came off on the palms of the hand. This didn’t detract from their performance though.

Value: 4

Could be used all the time but reserve them for prickly pruning only and use the cheap RHS glove for general work.

Other gloves on test  were:

Gauntlet £6.95 17/20, Briers, Tel. 01666 511457  www.
RHS rose protective glove, £6.29, 16/20, Town & Country, Tel  (01530) 830990
Kunys goatskin rose gloves, £19.02 (p&p£4.95) 11/20, Tel. 0845  8380 661
Leather gauntlet, £13.99 (p&p £3.99) 11/20, Town & Country, Tel. (01530) 830990,
Chainsaw gloves with cut protection standard,  £31.25,  17/20, Stihl  Tel. 0800 137574