Consumer editor Julia Heaton finds out which knife cuts it best in the battle of the weeds











Best buy 20/20

Weed Knife Code DP538 £4.79  Tel. 01753 547790


This knife has a stainless steel blade with two cutting edges at a 90 degree right angle and ergonomic rubber textured handle. Blade 41⁄2in (11cm) long. Overall 101⁄2in (26cm). Has a lifetime guarantee.


Ergonomic grip handle, pronounced hook and two very sharp right angled blades.


As the sharpest of all the patio knives, the cutting edges sliced through thick moss and algae like butter and got this tedious job done in the quickest time. The front bevelled edge was the most efficient at cutting through moss and algae on the patio surface, while the curved hook served to scrape and lift debris up. Altogether a perfectly balanced tool and the non-slip handle was comfortable in use too.


This proved to be a very easy to use and extremely sharp tool, available at a great price.


Other weed knives on test were:

* 14/20 Handle Held Weeding Knife £8.49 Code JBY0220 Tel. 01905 791984 
18/20 Block Paving Knife £8.95  Code GTH/SPWRHS Tel. 0114 233 8262 
17/20 Razorsharp Patio Knife £14.99  Code 4153PK Tel. 0114 281 4242 
17/20 Groove Knife £4.49  Code 641020 Tel. 0845 0778888 
14/20 Fixed Handle Scraper £9.99  Code 2727000W Tel. 0845 894 1599