Best buy 19/20

The shaft on the Darlac weed knife can be set to any length

Darlac telescopic knife £12

Tel. 01753 547790 or www.

Build 4

Telescopic aluminium shaft and stainless steel head, secured by two screws. Length adjusts from 321/2in -481/2in (83cm – 123cm).

Features: 5

Twist locking mechanism can set the length at any point. Has two very sharp blades, one on the vertical, the other in the curve of the hook. Plastic grip handle.

 Performance: 5

Inside curved blade sliced through weeds and the vertical blade was the sharpest on test. Adjustment was via a simple quick release friction lock that needed to be firmly secured. The shorter handle was beneficial in confined spaces too. Most comfortable handle of all.

Value: 5

This lightweight adjustable tool will particularly appeal to those with mobility problems. A good price too. Code DP360.

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