The Neilson CT2209 provides accurate delivery

The Neilson CT2209 provides accurate delivery

BEST BUY 15/15


£54.99 inc p&p

TEL. 0800 014 8700

Features 5
Drop spreader with 60lbs 8oz (27kg) capacity. Spread width is 22in (55 cm).
Poly wheels are 12in (30cm) high.  Assembly required, but not too
taxing. Has a strong and well balanced frame.
Performance 5
Capable of spreading a variety of mediums, delivery being helped by a strong metal-toothed agitator bar that stirs the fertiliser. The bigger wheels were good on undulating ground and the cable felt strong, with the adjustments via the rate controller smooth and consistent. A good size and delivered a nice drop without becoming too cumbersome.

Value 5
Being very strong, it offers accurate delivery. A favourable price when set against equivalent drop spreaders and a good buy when you think you could be using it upwards of five times a year.