Pest Control

The never-ending quest to combat garden pests is now in full swing, especially in my greenhouse. A few weeks ago I fumigated it with a garlic candle, which worked well, but the whitefly came back. So I ordered the biological control Encarsia formosa, a parasitic wasp that lays its eggs into the whitefly larvae and kills them, the wasp will only live as long as there are whiteflies to infect.

On the veg patch I spotted the first cabbage white butterfly this weekend; so fine mesh netting was placed over my brassicas. To keep it in place I tried a new system of pinning it down, called Crop Cover Clips (below), available only from Gardening Naturally, extremely easy to use and did not involve puncturing the netting, so the clips and the netting can be stored away once the butterflies have gone, and used again next year or in late winter to protect early seedlings from birds.


In my herbaceous borders my roses have bloomed very well this year. I really am getting a soft spot for them, what I once thought of as a old-fashioned plant, is turning into one of my summer favourites. Feeding, deadheading and general care of them is such a joy, no matter what the weather, they have made me smile and enjoy my garden in this somewhat dismal June so far.