We have done the research so you don't have too, picking all the best tools and products to use when caring, planting and growing Roses.

Famed for their fragrance and beauty the rose is one of the most popular garden plants around. Breeding work has ensured a wide range of colours and forms that can be grown in beds, borders, patio containers, over pergolas, against walls or as ground cover and can even serve as a defence against intruders when positioned below windows. To help you care for yours here’s three must have items.

1) Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gloves £24.95 rrp (as of June 2015)

Made from high-quality, soft, supple deerskin leather with gold grain leather on the lower half treated to offer water resistance. The gauntlet style cuffs provide lower arm protection. Available in ladies or gents sizes.

Tel: 023 8040 2025

www.goldleaf-gloves.com for stockists and mail order suppliers

Gold Leaf Tough Touch copy


2) Bulldog Pruning Shears £13.29rrp  (as of June 2015)

Sharp anvil blade, ideal for pruning trimming dead or old wood. Its ratchet system means less force is needed to cut thicker stems – great if your grip is a little weak or you suffer from arthritis. For added help a finger loop protects against scratches and allows you to squeeze with both hands if extra force is needed

Tel. 01279 5 bulldog copy401570



3) Bayer Top Rose Gold £7.99rrp (1kg bag) (as of June 2015)

A boosted granular feed with added seaweed extract. This formulation encourages  root Top Rosedevelopment and helps plants to absorb all the nutrients they need. Ideal for helping new rose bushes survive transplanting. Simply scatter on the soil surface and water in. Use every three weeks throughout the growing season

Available from garden centres