Join Kris in starting summer bedding plants from seed on windowsills 

Small scale sowing for windowsill growing

Fill small pots,trays or modular cell trays with sieved seed and cutting compost, tap down to knock out air gaps and level the surface.

Drench the compost with a fine-rose watering can and allow to drain. This will further settle the compost and create depth and space to sow the seed.

Add one or two seeds to the surface of each cell or evenly scatter seed across on open tray – larger seed can be spaced out by hand.

Cover with a thin layer of vermiculite or compost. Check packet information – some seeds like to be set deep, others barely covered.

Label each tray and place in a heated propagator on the windowsill, aiming for 25°C+ (77°F+). Close all vents until after germination.