AG gardening editor Kris Collins, shows you how to get your flower garden underway


Fill cell trays with sieved seed and cutting compost. Don’t compact the compost by pressing down, but do tap the tray to knock out trapped air.

Water the trays with a fine-rose watering can until you see water escaping from the drainage holes. Allow to drain fully before sowing.

Set your cell tray in a seed tray lined with wet capillary matting, then sow two seeds per cell, or more if you’re sowing tiny, hard-to-handle seeds.

Cover the seeds with a fine layer of sieved compost or vermiculite. Do not water. The covering will soon absorb moisture from below.

Cover with a propagator lid. Hardy annuals will not need extra heat, but half hardy annuals will require a temperature of 20-25ºC (68-77ºF).

After  germination switch off heat. Pinch out seedlings to leave one per cell. When large enough, transplant into pots of multipurpose compost.