Julia tests plant ties

Plant ties help protect those precious stems and prevent breakage. Consumer editor, Julia Heaton, finds out which wins the award for best supporting act.

BEST BUY : 18/20

Best buy plant ties

Velcro: £2.95

Harrod Horticultural

0845 402 5300



A strip of green Velcro providing a female outer side and a white male fluffy inner. Pressed together they form a bond.


Comes as a 30ft (9.14m) long x ½in (1.3cm) wide continuous strip. But also available as a 2¼in (5.49m) x 2in (5cm) strip for tougher jobs – both of which are designed to be cut to length.


Very easy to cut and to use, especially as there is no fiddly tying involved. And, although it is only designed for smaller plants, its big brother will cope with the larger ones. Once in place this tie makes a strong bond but only a longer-term test will prove whether it can cope with the rigours of the British climate.


Well worth the price for its flexibility, strength and general ease of use.

Other ties on test were:

Buckle tree tie 15/20

41p for pack of one (p&p £4.50). From  Rainbow. For details (01952) 641949 www.amenity.co.uk

Tree and shrub ties 4/20

£1.78 pack of two. From Wilkinson. For details 08456 080807 www.wilkinsonplus.com

Deluxe rose/shrub ties 16/20

£1 (pack of five). From Poundland www.poundland.co.uk

Soft twist plant tie 14/20

£1.29 From Poundstretcher. 0844 879 7047 www.poundstretcher.co.uk

Plant support rings 16/20

£5.95 for 200 (p&p £2) From Harrod Horticultural 0845 402 5300 www.harrodhorticultural.com