A distinct lack of space for a good-sized pond in your garden doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea.

Now there’s the Pondable – a versatile garden feature comprising a chunky hardwood outdoor dining table with integral plug-in fishpond.

There’s no digging or setting up of complicated running systems involved and it requires just five minutes maintenance a month.

Made in Norfolk by local craftsmen the smallest model –‘The Tiny’ – boasts chunky interlocking hardwood removeable inserts to extend the table space, pump and water filter, feature lights and insulation/ winter heating.

It seats 4-6 people and has a capacity of 180 litres.

The Pondable (without chairs) gives you a pool and an outdoor dining table in one

* Prices for the Pondable start at £1,699 for ‘The Tiny’.

See www.pondable.com or tel. (01366) 500589