Dove cote and stand

This dove cote makes a lovely feature in the garden

Romantic and classically elegant, a dove cote is definitely worth a splurge and this two-storey dove cote bird table and stand makes a great investment. Made to order in the UK and carved from selected European redwood, it’s a lovely decorative feature for any garden, as well as a comfortable home for around 10 birds. Supplied in two parts, assembly is easy: simply slot the 9ft 9in (3m) high stem into the table top, then either concrete or sink it at least 16in (40cm) into the ground. It comes untreated, so you will need to paint or stain the wood immediately on delivery to protect it from the rain. And there is a removable side panel that unscrews for easy cleaning.

If you plan to keep doves, site your table in a position that offers some shelter.

* Dove cote bird table and stand, £250 (free delivery) from Tel. (0845) 224 1484