The Hozelock 2100 repair connector

Whether it has sprung a leak through old age or accident, replacing a damaged garden hose can be pricey – especially if you splashed out on a decent quality model in the first place. A far more cost-effective – not to mention greener – solution is to spend a few pounds on a connector that will enable you to repair the damage quickly and effectively.

The Hozelock 2100 repair connector is very easy to fit and in seconds it will form a watertight join for hoses measuring ½in (12.5mm) in diameter (a connector for ¾in/19mm hoses is also available). You can use also it for permanently connecting two lengths of hose to get at those harder-to-reach areas of your garden.

* Hozelock 12.5mm hose repair connector 2100 costs £2.59 from