Best buy 19/20

The Quadgrow system sits in a 30ltr reservoir

Quadgrow Slim with single holiday watering kit £59.85 (P&P included)

Greenhouse Sensation

 Tel. 0845 602 3774


Tubing, reservoirs, and pots are all made from black plastic. The feeder mats are a stiff cloth-like material


Consists of four 11ltr pots sitting in a 30ltr reservoir with feeder mats that take up water when needed. This is linked to a 25ltr reservoir that keeps the main one topped up via a float valve.


A great system for growing crops that constantly dry out, like tomatoes or cucumbers. Gives you the confidence to go away for a couple of weeks knowing that your plants will not miss you.


Quality, design and performance shine out here. No need for a grow bag ever again.

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