Product review: potato planters

Consumer editor Julia Heaton finds out which reuseable potato planters are the most user-friendly

Best buy 18/20

Three potato patio planters  £12.99 (p&p £4.50)
Haxnicks from garden centres
Tel. 0845 241 1555


Round polyethylene bags with side handles and reinforced metal edged drainage holes, offset from each other around the base and sides. Double stitching up the sides for strength. Size 14½in (37cm) diameter x 19in (48cm) tall.


Excellent detailed instructions on packaging and care tips in catalogue. Holds 40ltrs of compost, for three to five tubers. Eight drainage holes. Easy to clean and store.


The tallest of the bag type. Its round shape allows the top to remain open for easy filling and watering as the potato plants grow. An attractive, neat looking bag, and the dark colour will stop the tubers turning green. Like the other planters, it’s perfect for spuds, but can be used for other crops too.


A versatile, quality product that should last several seasons in a row.


Other planters on test were:

Three giant growing buckets  £22.99 (p&p £4.95) 16/20 Tel. 0844 314 0043

Three potato gro-sacks £7.95 (p&p £4.95) 17/20 Tel. 0844 557 6700

Rectangular potato planter £22.95 (p&p £4.95) 16/20 Burgon and Ball Tel. 0114 233 8262

Two let’s grow potato spud bags £9.99 15/20 Botanico Tel. 01905 798666

Potato grow pot £16.99 (p&p £4.95) 17/20 Alagra Products Tel. 0843 208 1158