Wilko Border 2 copyBest buy: 20/20

£13 each

Wilko stainless-steel border range

Wilkinson stores

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Quality stainless steel heads with well-finished high-grade ash hardwood shaft and handle. Spade: total height 37in (94cm) with 51/2in (14cm) wide blade. Fork: total height 38in (96cm) with 51/2in (14cm) wide head.


Traditional-looking tools with wishbone handles and boot treads on the shoulders of the spade. Two rivets secure the head to the shaft.


The sharpest tools in our test, this lightweight yet sturdy pair sliced through the soil with ease and the spade’s blade proved efficient at chopping vegetation prior to digging in. Minimal soil sticking was experienced, despite conditions being wet, and the tread on the spade was comfortable while protecting footwear. The ash hardwood handles provided good shock absorbency and reduced the jolts when hitting stones. Being stainless steel, both were a delight to clean after use.


Remarkable, results given the price of each. A perfect size for border work.