Sit back, relax and find out which one of four garden benches came out top in our test

Best buy: 20/20

Best buy Lily Bench

Lily – £99.99 (free delivery)

Tel: 01440 731877

Build: 5

Kiln-dried FSC certified pine that’s been pre-treated to give a 10 year plus lifespan. It took two of us just over half an hour to piece together.

Features: 5

Designed to seat three people this bench was the heaviest of all four on test and has an ‘S’ shaped back and seat with no arm rests. Its dimensions are 4ft 9in (150cm) long x 2ft 5in (77cm) wide x 2ft 6in (81½cm) high.

Performance 5

Great design, solid materials, sturdy build and comfort put this bench way above the others. With the knowledge that it could still be going strong in ten years time I have to say that this bench far outstrips its competitors with ease. Don’t think a gust would knock this one off its perch.

Value 5

Discounting that it seats three it put to shame the other benches in all the above categories.

Other benches on test were :

Peru Hardwood £49.99 Homebase Tel: 0845 077 88 88/

Regent Tulip: £49.99 (free delivery) Greenfingers Tel: 0845 345 0728

Hawaii £39 B&Q Tel: 0845 609 6688