Keep garden gear in tip top condition with a tool sharpener. Read on to find out which came top in our test

Darlac Diamond Sharpener (fine)

Darlac Diamond Sharpener (fine). To order call Two Wests and Elliot (01246) 451077/ £12.14 including delivery

BUILD *****

A simple, lightweight sharpener. The plastic body has a neat diamond head. The packaging gives very clear and precise instructions on how to sharpen all kinds of tools.


52 billion diamond particles per sq. inch. The head is attached to a slightly flexible plastic body. Easy to keep in a pocket whilst you carry on working.


This fine head type is suitable for pruners and knives and was excellent at reaching parts of tools that some of the others just couldn’t reach


Not cheap considering that you would need the other two head grades to sharpen all your tools. It did however work extremely well on my secateurs and knives and was the simplest and quickest to work with.

Others on test included:

15/20 RAZORSHARP 6 IN 1 BLADE SHARPENER Spear & Jackson & (0114) 281 4242

12/20 ANYSHARP EDGE Machine Mart 0844 880 1250

14/20 ROTARY MOWER AND TOOL SHARPENER Marshall Seeds (01480 443390)

15/20 BLADE SHARPENER Draper 023 8049 4333

11/20 MAGNETIC SHARPENING STEEL Burgon & Ball 0114 2338262 www.