Keep patios, paths and drive weed free with top tips from AG gardening editor Kris Collins

Allow weeds to mature in the joins between patio slabs or block paving and it can be a real problem to remove them by hand. With no room to dig out tap roots, perennial weeds will likely return soon after pulling off or scraping away top growth.

Over time, regular removal of the re-growth will weaken the plant, eventually killing it, but if you don’t mind using chemicals, the fastest route to a weed-free patio or path is to reach for a systemic weedkiller. These are absorbed by the plants and carried down to the roots to prevent any re-growth occurring. Apply these on a dry day, when there is no wind to blow spray on to plants or into neighbour’s plots. One spray usually does the job but a second may be needed.

Regular attention to hard surfaces will prevent the need for chemical sprays. I’ve just tried the Burgon & Ball “Compact” Miracle Block Paving Brush  (inset) and was impressed with how easily the rows of wire bristles scraped away moss and young weed seedlings. Established weeds that had slipped my notice were easily prised out with the attached weeding knife.