I’m still trawling around local retailers on the look out for a fence panel to replace one lost in the storms earlier this month, with no luck. My garden has been accessible to anyone who fancies a poke around, thanks to the shortage.

I’ve tried to make do and mend, but the old panel falls back down with the slightest of winds. Fingers crossed I’ll be plugging the gap this weekend if suppliers get their act together. The shortage of fencing supplied isn’t a local problem. AG news editor Marc Rosenberg has been investigating the situation, for a the full story see AG 28 January, out soon.

Fortunately there has been some cheer in the garden to make up for the situation. Many of my spring bulb pots are in flower, bringing some much welcome colour.

Having kept them in the cold greenhouse they have spouted early. I noticed the first flowers one dark morning last week as I ventured out to feed the chickens before work. The delicate blooms of Iris ‘Katherine Hodgkin’ seemed to be glowing in the half light at 7am on a January morning. In a matter of days they have been joined by a number of daffodil cultivars and some yellow crocus.

Pots outside the greenhouse are soon to flower, and lagging closely behind them are those planted in the soil, so I should have a nice long window of spring colour from my bulbs this year – time well spent last autumn.