What's in Amateur Gardening 25 May 2019

Amateur Gardening 25 May 2019

Free ‘wildlife-attracting annuals’ seeds worth £3.05



Jobs for this week

Plant up herbs and bank holiday jobs
Ruth’s plans for her three-day weekend plus herb planting

Stop early pests in their tracks
You only have until 30 June to buy slug pellets!

Untangling clematis pruning
Ruth explains when to prune the different groups

How to make comfrey ‘tea’
An easy-to-make liquid fertiliser that saves money

Great garden ideas

Six of the very best: hostas
Great for shady areas and tough in all weathers

The best new roses
Classic varieties are great, but new roses have much to offer

Thistles – why every garden needs them
Check out their bold flowers and amazing shapes

How to grow: easy annuals
Instant satisfaction is possible, says Anne Swithinbank

Get the look: the hydrangea-lovers’ garden
We visit a multi-level garden in Devon full of hydrangeas

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
It pays to be cautious when moving pot plants outside

Bob Flowerdew
Learn to read the clues about what is damaging leaves

Val Bourne’s garden wildlife
Val looks at the short life of the now rare glow-worm

Lucy Chamberlain’s fruit and veg
Make your own herbal tea and grow New Zealand spinach

Ask John Negus
Plants for thin soil, peony colour change, strange bug

RHS explains: plant protection
Discover how plants defend themselves

How to use plant supports
What you need to keep plants upright in all weather

Anne’s masterclass
Trouble with fairy rings? Anne Swithinbank has the answer

A gardener’s miscellany
Puzzles and trivia all about summer bedding

Readers’ letters
Happy cacti, atomic plants, bargain buys, reader tips

Toby Buckland
Is it a cashew nut or a bean? Toby investigates a mystery

Garden news and reader offers

Latest news on recyclable pots
Why 80% of local authorities are refusing to process them

Special subscription offer
Save 51% with our special ‘father’s day’ deal


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Rosa Just Joey (pic: davidaustinroses.co.uk)