Our Amateur Gardening expert shows you how to pot amaryllis bulbs to give colour in your home. This is an easy job but produces great results in a very short time and for only £5-£10. The best time to pot amaryllis is Nov/Dec or Jan.

If you are potting your amaryllis bulb in mid November you should expect to get colour by Christmas.

First visit the shops and purchase the amaryllis of your choice. There are lots of different varieties to choose from so you will not be short of options. You will also need some multipurpose compost.

Start by placing a pot on a saucer. Then half fill the pot with the multi purpose compost. The multi purpose compost will help with drainage. Water this compost in the pot.

Then add the bulb in the centre of the pot with the roots facing down. Once positioned fill with compost. The bulb should sit above the surface of the pot. Level off the compost.

Make sure you water again and then place in a warm spot in your house. You should be enjoying your amaryllis in no time.

Good luck with potting your amaryllis.

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