Our Amateur Gardening expert shows you how to deal with waterlogged lawns, to improve your turf and set it up for either summer or winter.

This job is best carried out in spring or autumn as it will lead to better drainage and a much improved lawn.

This video shows you what you need to spike a lawn: compost, lawn rake, space, fork and a broom.

Step 1: is the clearing your lawn. So make sure you rake up all the leaves and debris from your lawn

Step 2: is spiking your lawn. Drive the fork into the lawn, you will be left with rows of holes across your lawn.

Step 3: composting your lawn. Use the space to spread compost over your lawn and brush over the lawn to make sure it gets into all the holes.

This is quite a manual job so you will definately need a cuppa and biscuit waiting for you. Hard work but well worth it as you will have a great lawn.