When taking semi-ripe cuttings you will first need a bag and secateurs.

Take a branch of the plant you are taking a cutting from, you will notice that the end will feel woody and as you get to the end of the branch the tip will be soft. It is the soft tip that you need for a semi-ripe cutting. Take the cutting about 20 cm from the tip. If you are going to delay planting the cutting place the cutting in a plastic bag. This will ensure that any moisture is contained and the cutting does not dry out.

Take your cutting to your greenhouse. Fill a seed tray with cuttings compost. Place the tray into a propagator tray.

Then using a clean knife remove the tip of the cutting. Then cut below the leaf joint. With your finished cutting dip the bottom into some hormone rooting powder. Make a hole in the compost and then set your cutting in the tray. Repeat this six times. Your tray will now be full. It is important not to put too many cuttings in the one tray as the leaves should not be touching.

Finally place the propagator lid on the tray and place out of direct sunlight.

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