This great video with over 7 mins of expert advice on tree planting. The best time for tree planting is in the Autumn, this gives the tree time to establish root in winter for a good start next spring.

In this video our expert describes the simple steps you need to follow when planting trees in your garden. Our expert used an ornamental tree. The first thing you will need to do is decide what is the best tree for your garden. Make sure you conduct some research and choose the best tree for your garden size.

Once you have purchased your tree it is time to choose the best location in your garden and prepare the area.

First dig a hole – this will need to be bigger than the size of the tree root area. You will then need to add some bonemeal and soil in the bottom of the hole. this will help the roots to grow when you plant your tree.

Once the hole is prepared you now need to remove the tree from its container. Then place the tree in the hole. Make sure you place the tree how you want it so move around and look at the tree as you move it. Once you have the position decided make sure the tree is in the centre of the hole.

Backfill the hole with soil. Make sure you step on the new soil once in the hole, this will know out any air gaps. Continue filling the hole with soil.

Once the tree is in the soil you will need to secure it so it doesnt get blown around in winter. Use a stake and strap the tree to the stake. Then water the tree.

The roots will then start to grow and by spring you should start to see your tree looking stunning.

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