If you have a cactus with buds that need removing this simple video shows you how to take cactus cuttings and replant the buds.

If your cactus has small baby buds at the base you need to remove these, this will make the cacti more likely to flower, plus it will provide you with more cactus plants.

To remove the babies you can either wear gloves or you can use this newspaper method. Our expert shows you how to use newspaper to pull the babies out. This will ensure you don’t get pricked.

When you have removed all the babies, do not plant up straight away. Place the buds on a plate and position in a warm dry spot in the house. Leave them from at last 24 hours, they should be starting to form callus, which will help the roots form.

Once you have callus has formed, you need to pot up in small pots using cacti compost.

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