Our expert on Amateur Gardening shows you how to protect ferns in your garden during the winter months. Our winters can get very cold and the frost and snow can kill off a fern. This simple video shows you how to protect ferns.

First you will need to visit your local garden centre or hardware store to purchase some wire mesh and some hay.

Cut the wire mesh to size and then wrap around the trunk of your fern. Secure the wire mesh together so it doesnt blow away in the winter.

Now get your hay ready. Stuff the hay between the wire mesh and the trunk of the fern. You will need to use quite a bit of hay for this job.

The crown of the fern will also need protecting, place some hay at the crown.

Finally relocate your fern tree, preferably place the tree next to the wall of your house. This will provide added protection and warmth.

By following these simple steps you will protect your fern tree through the winter.


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